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Ninja Pendisk (auto, clearkan virus kat pdrive)
Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ninja Pendisk description
The freeware zero-configuration program designed for guarding computers against viruses transmitted by USB pendisks.
Ninja Pendisk awaits quietly in the system tray for the times whenever a USB pendisk is inserted on the computer which will be examined to uncover the commonly malicious or virulent files known as "autorun.inf" and "ctfmon.exe" amongst many others.

To keep everything simple, Ninja Pendisk is self-contained, fully portable, and will require no installation.

Besides removing known virulent files, Ninja Pendisk will also immunize your pendisk and create a folder called autorun.inf with special protection permissions to protect your pendisk from being infected again when plugged on contaminated computers.

cara-cara install:
-1stly korg click icon ninja 2..
-then, ko right click ikon ninja kt system tray and click view configuration..pas 2, die akan kuar 1 notepad and korg save notepad 2..
-3rdly, ko double click ikon ninja kt system tray and die akan mx korg plug pendrive korg..
-masukkan pendrive ke USB kmputer korg and die akan run and scan sendiri pendrive korg drpd virus and malware autorun.inf dan lumpuhkan malware trsebut..

Download link:


posted by adee @ SiR QiErA @ qiera @ 8:27 AM  
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